AI图像更逼真了——Midjourney V6体验

今天看到和菜头发布了几张Midjourney V6图片,自己也体验了一下。

总体感觉:生成的图像,更加逼真了。 还有就是图片中可以显示英文字符了。


提示词:Overhead food photography, bbq pork with over easy egg rice, Hong Kong restaurant –ar 16:9 –v 6.0 –s 250


提示词:Overhead food photography, cod fish rice in Portuguese restaurant –ar 16:9 –v 6.0 –s 250



提示词:Close up photography of a Chinese woman kissing her Golden Retriever in front of a big glass window, soft natural morning sun through the window shining on her –v 6.0 –s 250

提示词:Fashion Portrait Generate, fashion portrait of a Chinese woman, her makeup, hair, and wardrobe, elegance, lighting, environment –v 6.0 –s 250

提示词:IMAGE_TYPE: Close-up photo | GENRE: Romance | EMOTION: Delight | SCENE: A young Chinese couple’s faces showing surprise and happiness as they find a hidden love letter inside a bottle on the beach during a sunset | ACTORS: Young couple | LOCATION TYPE: Beach | CAMERA MODEL: Nikon Z7 II | CAMERA LENSE: 85mm f/1.4 | SPECIAL EFFECTS: Warm sunset colors | TAGS: surprise, unexpected, close-up, love letter, delight, romance, beach sunset –ar 3:2 –v 6.0 –s 250


提示词:RAW photo, an award-winning National Geographic style HD photograph featuring the striking beauty of the Australian Outback. Weather conditions are dry, causing the landscape to take on a deep, sun-baked hue, the long shadows creating stark contrasts. Taken using a Sony Alpha 1 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, f/11 aperture, shutter speed 1/200s, ISO 100, realistic, 8k, HD, HDR, XDR, focus + sharpen + wide-angle 8K resolution + HDR10 Ken Burns effect + Adobe Lightroom + rule-of-thirds + high-detailed leaves + high-detailed bark + high-detailed fur — ar 2:1 –v 6.0 –s 250

提示词:An ultra-realistic photograph captured with a Sony α7 III camera, equipped with an 85mm lens at F 1.2 aperture setting, portraying a ultra-photorealistic image of a norwegian fjord with sunbeams from afar reflecting of the water. The image should capture the sun reflecting of the water, with birds flying in the air. calm, golden hour, cinematic lightning, majestic. –ar 16:9 –v 6.0 –s 250


modern art deco office inside a new york penthouse, dark green, black, yellow, orange, brown, 8k, realistic, interior design, penthouse, night view, details. — ar 3:2 –v 6.0 –s 250


提示词:color photo of a lively cityscape illuminated by the soft glow of pink clouds, creating a scene of vibrant beauty. The photo captures a moment where the bustling streets and towering buildings are bathed in the ethereal pink light, casting a dynamic and enchanting ambiance. The atmosphere is filled with a sense of energy and excitement, as if immersing yourself in the vibrant heartbeat of the city. The colors are captivating and vibrant, with shades of pastel pinks blending harmoniously with the vibrant hues of the urban landscape. The aspect ratio is 900:1990, perfect for creating a captivating wallpaper that transports you to the vibrant world of pink clouds and the allure of city life. — c 10 — ar 900:1990 — style raw — s 750 –v 6.0 –s 250


提示词:future robot,with words”ChatGPT”


fter, rain shower, find a scene, water, perhaps on a window or a leaf, stunning macro, droplets, refracts, simple –v 6.0 –s 250



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